Dr. McCormic opened Next Level Chiropractic of Wilsonville at the beginning of 2016 with one goal: to become the premiere chiropractic clinic for individuals and families in Wilsonville.


Our Mission

Using an integrative approach and working with other practitioners, Dr. McCormic works to develop a unique, personalized course of treatment for each of his patients. By situating his clinic in the heart of downtown Wilsonville, Dr. McCormic hopes to make Next Level Chiropractic the premiere chiropractic clinic for the individuals and families who call Wilsonville home.

Dr. McCormic is very educational explaining things to you so you can understand them, he is very friendly, has a great personality, and is also very professional. I always get good results after seeing him.
— Jamie U., Google Reviews

Our Methods

While there are many approaches to chiropractic care, it is important for patients to know the differences in care and choose which approach is best for their families, and best for their physical well being.

  • Dr McCormic treats each patient as an INDIVIDUAL.  They are not seen as generic patients, and each is evaluated and treated for their specific needs.
  • Dr McCormic is building his clinic on patient referrals, not catchy advertising or gimmicks.  Though it may take a little longer, his feelings are that if patients refer their friends and family, then he must be doing something right!
  • Dr McCormic believes that the patient's participation is just as vital as his participation in their health and well being.  'The more you do at home, the less I have to do here."
  • Dr McCormic has continually immersed himself in education.  He relishes being able to to learn new approaches and improve on the ones he utilizes presently. He knows that patients trust him to properly diagnose illness.  He believes that continuous learning is the key to that.
  • Massage Therapy has been shown to be an integral part of restoring and maintaining a person's ability to function at their highest level.  Through various methods of muscle work, biomechanics are restored and function is improved.  Our massage therapists continue to learn and develop techniques that allow them to tailor specific approaches to the specific needs of each and every patient.